DIRECTV Invoice Redesign

In early 2013, we were approached by the DIRECTV finance team for help in redesigning the paper bill that our clients receive in the mail. A study had determined that a large proportion of customer service calls were billing questions from first-time clients. The primary goal of this project was therefore to reduce this confusion among the client base.

I worked with billing managers from Colombia and Puerto Rico to identify the specific topics that were causing confusion: billing cycles, prorated costs, one-time vs. recurring charges, the end of sign-up discounts, etc… We redesigned the invoice with a cleaner, more intuitive format to specifically target these problems, then validated the new designs with eye-tracking usability studies.

My Involvement

  • Initial consulting
  • Design oversight with the UX team
  • Eye-tracking studies
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  • Project management

Skills Required

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Tobii Eye-Tracker